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Kenya is a country of wildlife, national parks, soda lakes and sleeping volcanoes. This is an amazingly harmonious combination of the primitive past and the civilized present. Kenya’s nature inspired Hemingway to create the Green Hills of Africa and Snow of Kilimanjaro books. Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II have been to Kenya. The capital is Nairobi. Translated from the language of the Masai tribe, the word "Nairobi" meant "place of cold water." Before the construction of the city, there was a small oasis, where slave trade caravans stayed. Thanks to the British, Nairobi has become a major metropolis and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. On the central square of the city towers tower, resembling the London Big Ben. Nearby is the tomb of the first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta. Around the square are modern skyscrapers made of glass and concrete. Here are first-class hotels, shops, restaurants and an elegant international conference center. In the National Museum in Nairobi, one of the main exhibits is a full-size stone copy of Jomo Kenyatta’s favorite elephant. The president was so attached to his elephant that when he died, he ordered to make a copy of it, perpetuating the memory of his pet. As an exhibit, the claws of a man-eater lion that consumed the royal quartermaster Sir Charles Henry Rajal are on the train and killed by the brave hunter Gastello.